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Interview with Jason Lancaster of Go Radio

11/01/2011 - A Rocket to the Moon with Fake Problems and The Carter Hulsey Band - Click for more

11/01/2011 - A Rocket to the Moon with Fake Problems and The Carter Hulsey Band - Click for more

Interview with A Rocket to the Moon’s Andrew Cook

We had a chance to sit down with Andrew Cook of A Rocket to the Moon and talk to him about the band and about what is still to come.

  How did you guys come up with the name for the band?
Nick came up with it a long time ago when he was doing his solo thing. He thought it was a cool phrase that would make a cool band name so he just went with it.

Of all the tour’s you have been on, what is your favorite tour memory?
It’s hard to pick just one thing. Since it’s coming up, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Halloween show. I always love Halloween shows because everybody gets a chance to kind of step outside their normal comfort zone and get crazy and dress up and they’re always really fun. And then on our last tour - on our headlining tour – the last show of the tour was our home town show in Boston for Nick and I was probably one of my favorite tour memories. Have my family and everybody there for a sold out show…it was great

Over the years, you guys have changed sound a little bit, but who are your influences of your current sound?
It ranges from anything from Tom Petty to Taylor Swift. There’s dozens of band that we all listen to. And a lot of older bands – the Eagles and stuff like that - and some newer bands. We’ve been compared to Dashboard Confessional and All American Rejects, that sort of vibe. We’re writing the new record and blending all those influences together and figuring out where we want to go as a band. People are going to have a different idea when they hear the new record as they did with “On Your Side”

How did The Rainy Day Sessions EP come to be?
We always listen to a lot of country and folk music and we wanted to do something a little bit different and put a new spin on some of our songs to give people a taste of something fresh and different – kind of like an alternative. This was like our version of a remix album, but instead of doing club remixes more like other bands do, we wanted to do something different.

How did you guys hook up with recording artist Larkin Poe for this EP?
They used to be managed by our management company and they were really good at what they did so our manager Josh suggested we meet with them and talk with them, and they were into it, so it worked out perfectly.

What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you or someone in the band?
There’s never really been anything off-putting or weird. Our fans do a lot of really nice stuff for us – bring us gifts and things like that.  I’ve had fans bring me books that I’ve tweeted about wanting to read. I’ve had fans bring me gift cards to Chipotle, which is awesome. Sometimes kids draw pictures and stuff and sometimes they’re really good, other times they border on weird, but it’s still pretty cool.

What makes Michigan different than playing other states?
This band has a unique connection with the state of Michigan. The first ever out of state show that Nick did as a solo artist was in Pontiac and we’ve played there a couple times and headlined there a couple of times.  That is also the state where Nick and Justin wrote Like We Used To in the van after the show, which is our biggest song to date, so Michigan will always have a special place in our hearts.

Tell us about the tour you guys are on right now.
It’s called the Time Travel Tour with NeverShoutNever. It’s about a month into it and have a couple weeks left. We’ve had a lot of fun, getting along with all the bands really well. The Carter Husley Band is amazing, as is Fake Problems. We like watching them every night, gets us pumped up to play get inspired so all and all, it’s been a really good tour

Should fans be expecting new music from you anytime soon?
We’re going to have a new record out next year. We have a majority of it written right now and we’re going to record it pretty soon after this tour and then hopefully get it out next year.

Make sure you check out A Rocket To The Moon on tour with NeverShoutNever when they stop in at the Royal Oak Music Theatre on November 1st at 6:00pm. Tickets can be purchased here. More tour dates can be found on A Rocket To The Moon’s website here.

Go Radio - Hold On (Exclusive Acoustic Performance)

10/23/2011 - Go Radio & Every Avenue at St. Andrews Hall -Click for more.

10/23/2011 - Go Radio & Every Avenue at St. Andrews Hall -Click for more.

Album Review - “Hell Is What You Make It” by Breathe Carolina

Breathe Carolina Hell Is What You Make It Album Art  

If you are unfamiliar with Breathe Carolina, their new album Hell Is What You Make It is the perfect album to introduce you to the band.  From the beginning of Rebirth: An Introduction, the album plays as a story of sorts, taking you through a spectrum of musical styles and storylines, all culminating in Lauren’s Song, tying the whole album together.

The best songs are not the singles - while the duo’s breakout single Blackout is the perfect party anthem for a night on the town (or for windows down drive-dancing….), both lyrically and musically, the much slower Gone So Long and the relatable Get Off Easy seem to be stronger in every way.

It is very interesting listening to the album from beginning to end straight through, as the album seems to tell a story. Starting with Wooly, it seems that there is a break-up of some kind, which can only be cured by an evening of binge drinking in Blackout. Edge of Heaven touches on the moments of the night where we lose control, followed by my personal favorite Last Night (Vegas), talking about not knowing what happened last night. This story line continues to evolve until it culminates with Lauren’s Song, singing “We’ll raise our drinks one last time, I never thought I’d have to say this. I never thought I’d have to say goodbye.”

While their music is undoubtedly electronic, the use of full band rock accompaniment and the growls that place them in a league of their own creates a sound unlike anything that has been heard before.  As a whole, the album takes you on a rollercoaster, never knowing what to expect in the next song. While Rebirth starts the album off very soft electro-punk, it transitions seamlessly into Wooly, one of the songs on the album that dabbles between the realms of rock and electronic.

Metro Scene Detroit give the Colorado duo 4 out of 5 stars on their newest release.

Breathe Carolina is getting ready to hit the road this fall with dubstep mastermind Big Chocolate, kicking off the tour on November 7th in St Louis, Missouri, stopping in Detroit at The Shelter on November 12th. For concert dates, tickets, and more information about Breathe Carolina, head over to their official website at www.breathecarolina.net.  To purchase Hell Is What You Make It on iTunes, click here.

Rival Summers - Baby, It’s Been A While (Exclusive Acoustic Performance)

Interview with Leo from Rival Summers

09/18/2011 - Undesirable People EP Release PArty